Thiophosgene - React With Water To Develop Carbon Disulfide

Posted by Admin on February, 18, 2023

There are different Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers, and Retailers available online who are dealing with 1,1′-Thiocarbonyldiimidazole. It is a coupling or condensing manager for the mixture of polyamide-changed polyolefins and polypeptides.


Thiophosgene, also known as thiocarbonyl chloride, is a red-orange liquid with a strong and suffocating odor. Thiophosgene is an irritant to the eyes (lachrymatory), skin, and respiratory tracts; yet, it is less toxic than phosgene. It reacts with nucleophilic sites in different functional groups such as amines, alcohols, oximes, phenols, and thiols, among others. Different kinds of heterocycles can be constructed when there are two close nucleophiles. As an effect, thiophosgene has different applications in organic synthesis.

It can be utilized to make isothiocyanates which serve as an essential scaffold to give compounds that include thioureas, thiazoles, or thiocarbamates. Besides, thiones, it has oxadiazolones, thiocarbonates, chlorothioformates, and heptathiodicarbonates that can be synthetized with the use of the reagent.

Water and Air Reactions

It can react with water to develop carbon disulfide, hydrogen chloride, and carbon dioxide. The reaction is slow if the water is hot.

Fire Hazard

Different Hazards of Combustion Products: hydrogen chloride, Toxic phosgene, and sulfur dioxide may be created in a fire.

Behavior in Fire: Decomposes more than 200°C to carbon bisulfide (easy to flame) and carbon tetrachloride.

Health Hazard

Inhalation results in irritation of the respiratory system and delayed pulmonary edema. The presence of Vapor can irritate the eyes. Liquid can burn the eyes and skin. Ingestion results in irritation of the stomach and mouth.

Reactivity Profile

THIOPHOSGENE is highly contrary to diazo, acids, and azo compounds, halocarbons, isocyanates, aldehydes, hydrides, alkali metals, nitrides, and other strong reducing agents. Reactions with the materials make heat and in several cases hydrogen gas. It can liberate the hydrogen sulfide after a reaction with the acids.

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The chlorination should be controlled as excess chlorine changes trichloromethanesulfenyl chloride into carbon tetrachloride. Steam distillation divides a rare sulfenyl chloride, the trichloromethanesulfenyl chloride, and hydrolyzes the sulfur monochloride. The reduction of trichloromethanesulfenyl chloride creates thiophosgene.

CSCl2 is ready in a two-step procedure from carbon disulfide. In the initial step, carbon disulfide is chlorinated to provide trichloromethanesulfenyl chloride; CCl3SCl. Thiophosgene Manufacturers in India is best ready by reductive dechlorination of trichloromethanesulfenyl chloride. Moreover, the use in classical preparations of thioureas, thiocarbamates, isothiocyanates, and thiocarbonates, it has been lengthily used to synthesize a broad variety of thioxo substituted heterocycles of pharmaceutical significance by cyclization of amines, alcohols, phenols, and thiols.

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