Bithionol Sulfoxide: The Cure For Paragonimiasis

Posted by Admin on March, 06, 2020

Bithinol is derived from phenol and is widely used to deal with bacterial formations, molds, yeast, and parasitic worms. Bithionol and Bithionol Sulfoxide have been used extensively for cure and research related to parasitology which includes fascioliasis and lung fluke infection paragonimiasis. Bithionol Sulfoxide is white in color and it exhibits powdery properties, but it is slightly creamy in nature as well. Bithionol Sulfoxide is most used in the pharmaceutical companies as an intermediate. Bithionol Sulfoxide Manufacturers in India, produce some quality Bithionol Sulfoxide following the international quality standards which is why they are of great demand in the market.

Properties and Applications of Bithionol Sulfoxide

  • Bithionol Sulfoxide is white in color, but it has a rose-pink reflection that turns gray in color when exposed to light.
  • Bithionol Sulfoxide is soluble in different kinds of solvents such as alcohol, solution of alkali hydroxide, acetone, etc.
  • Bithionol Sulfoxide helps in dealing with cocci by acting as a bacteriostatic agent and stopping their further reproduction process.
  • It is used as a drug to get rid of parasitic worms in the body without causing any damage to the body.
  • It also exhibits fungicidal properties.

How is Bithionol Sulfoxide used for Paragonimiasis

  • After extensive research, it was discovered that Bithionol Sulfoxide was useful in the eradication of internal parasites and comparatively helped in a quicker recovery than other drugs. It was found that there was no more infestation or reproduction of flukes in the body. The disease was found to be cured totally and the disease did not occur again on the experimented patients.
  • If used in the initial stage of infestation, Bithionol Sulfoxide prohibits the parasites from maturing and destroys them slowly.
  • Bithionol Sulfoxide has proven its superiority time and again as an agent for the cure of Paragonimiasis. The symptoms of bacterial or parasite infection in our body are diarrhea, abdominal pain, etc. It may also be used for the cure of gastrointestinal distresses caused due to the parasites in our body.

Bithionol Sulfoxide has emerged as an obvious selection by the doctors for the treatment of Paragonimiasis or any kind of parasitical infestation in our body. Medical Associations all over the world recognize it as a very effective drug. There are many Bithionol Sulfoxide Manufacturers and Bithionol Sulfoxide supplier across the world and India, which is fast emerging as a global leader of the pharmaceutical industry.

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